About The Company

Located in Lively, Ontario Canada, HRMCC provides customized silk screened and embroidered apparel for the men and women of the mining industry. Utilizing the combination of old school silk screening with our unique double hit process and state of the art embroidery, customers keep coming back for more.

Hard Rock Mining Clothing Company began its operation in 2005 with its Trade Mark and Logo being registered in 2006. Feeling out several different options silk screening, embroidery, graphic designs, and countless different trial runs, we were able to outline a character that would best represent the image of the Hard Rock Miner.

Our graphics designer, Dean Dubois is the ultimate graphic designer, simply ROCK HARD down to earth. Having the gifted vision, the steady hand to custom design all of our ideas, we are very fortunate to have him on our team.

Travelling the North, working as a Shaft Miner in Ontario, selling custom T shirt from our vehicles, we soon realized we had a great deal of potential for growth. The demand for our one-of-a-kind custom T-shirts was well above what we were expecting.

To date, we have countless T Shirts out there worldwide, Coast to Coast in Canada, the USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia, UK, and even Alaska. Custom designs include Vale Garson Mine 100th Anniversary, Mine Rescue Competitions T Shirts and numerous designs regarding safety awards.Custom products included Limited Edition Numbered and Framed prints of the Nickel Rim Mine for their shaft bottom celebrations.

The Future for HRMCC will soon include Ladies T's, Belt Buckles, Coffee Mugs, Baseball Cap's, Travelling Bag's, Soft Shell Nylon Jacket's and a new line of Synthetic Blend polyester/cotton T's. We're continuing to expand and offer great variety and are always looking ahead for new ideas.

Today, every member of our family is actively involved and taking part in making our product so very unique for all our customers. We are committed and very proud to be HARD ROCK MINERS. A lot of dedication goes into this enterprise from each individual involved representing his or her professional careers. That's what makes HARD ROCK MINING CLOTHING COMPANY A truly unique GIFT.


Our Logos are Registered Trademarks. Check them out by Clicking the images below.

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Having grown up on the outskirts of Cobalt in Northern Ontario, mining was a way of life.

In the 1980's after graduating from the Diamond Driller's Assistant program at the Northern College School of Mines, I had the opportunity to travel through Canada drilling in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

But art was always my greatest passion; so in 1985 I graduated from Algonquin College in Ottawa and began my career in Art and Design.

After 25+ years I was presented with the opportunity to join forces with Hard Rock Mining Clothing Company and combine my knowledge of art and mining, offering stylish apparel to the hard working men and women of the mining and exploration industry. They're a proud bunch and we're proud to help them express that everyday!